I am a true Illinois girl born and raised in Northern Illinois. I grew up in Holcomb, a small town south of Rockford, with my two older sister's. I knew at the age of 13 I wanted to be a radio DJ, after trying to win a contest on a local radio station. I love to read and cook. I'm an animal lover, but right now I only have a cat. Coca-cola is my my go to drink and dark chocolate is my favorite. My favorite artists are definitely Eric Church, Kenny Chesney and Blake Shelton. I look forward to taking the "Bull" by the horns and join you during the workday soon.


Do you like to use post it notes?

A: Oh yea, I make notes all the time! I'm like a "note ninja"

What is your biggest pet peeve?

A: Oh jeeze, there are soo many em.  When washing dishes and people come up and start dropping other dirty dishes in there, just put them next to me.  I have a special order I do them in!

Is it ok for guys to wear pink?

A: Yea, if they look good in it. #callme

Do you sing in the car?

A: Yes all the time LOL. I'm always singing, sometimes I forget where I am, I've caught myself singing along to the PA in Schnucks on Perryville.

What was your first concert?

A: You're gonna laugh at this, it was Donny Osmond on his "Soldier Of Love" tour when he came to the Coronado.  That was when he tried to make his comback.